CCD’s Community Food Box program supports community members affordably and safely access the essentials for healthy eating.

We can help!

Delivery is free and contactless! Community Food Boxes are delivered weekly by our dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

Please note: CCD has been working hard to meet the needs of our clients. Based on a recent client survey, your feedback has been heard. Effective February 2022, clients will have the option to choose from two different types of Food Boxes - the Fresh Food Box, and the Pantry Essentials Box. See below for details.
A person delivering a box of fresh produce and milk to a client.

Fresh Food Box

Our Fresh Food Box includes a variety of fresh produce and dairy items. Dairy items will vary and may include:

  • eggs
  • milk
  • and yogurt

The fresh produce included in this box is locally sourced, giving clients a farm-to-table experience. Items may include seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The Fresh Food box is available to order weekly and costs $35. There is no charge for delivery

Pantry Essentials Food Box

Our Pantry Essentials Food Box allows clients to cook smart, waste less and maximize their grocery shopping dollars.

A key part of money saving in the kitchen and being prepared is a keeping a well-stocked pantry of essential items so you always have a meal on hand.

The Pantry Essentials Food Box is available to order monthly (on the first Friday of each month) and costs $35. There is no charge for delivery.

Food Boxes may also contain recipes and food tips developed by the Durham College Culinary Program.


Each Community Food Box is $35.00. There is no charge for delivery.

When are Community Food Boxes Delivered

Community Food Boxes are delivered to clients every Friday by a team of CCD volunteers and staff using our CCD refrigerated cargo van.

Please note: The Easter Community Food Box will be delivered on Thursday, April 14, as CCD offices will be closed for the Easter long weekend on Friday, April 15.

When is the order deadline?

Community Food Box orders must be placed by Thursday a week before delivery. Please view our online calendar for more information on delivery dates.

How Can I Order a Community Food Box

To order a Community Food Box for yourself or a loved one, please call 1-888-255-6680 or complete the online referral form found at Request Service. Order a Food box by Thursday for FREE delivery the following Friday. Please note: the Pantry Essentials Food Box is available to order once a month and is delivered on the first Friday of the month. Please place your order the Thursday before. Please view our online calendar for more information on delivery dates.

Learn More

CCD’s Community Food Box team can also connect clients with the other integrated community support services offered by Community Care Durham and our partners to support people to live independently in their own homes.

  • If you would like to receive more information about CCD services, please call us at 1-888-255-6680 or contact a Community Care Durham office nearest you.
Click the link below to download the Community Food Box Fact Sheet for all you need to know about accessing this service.
Community Food Box Fact Sheet

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Donald B. CFB Client

I am very satisfied and thankful that I can count on the Community Food Box weekly for essential groceries and staples I need. I am a creature of habit and I have enjoyed milk, eggs, fruit and other fresh produce my entire life, so when COVID 19 happened the Community Food Box helped me to keep enjoying these things.

Faye B. CFB Client

Receiving the Community Food Box bi-weekly has helped us out a great deal. Friends take me out once in a while for a small shop but the Community Food Box always seems to come at just the right time when we are almost out of our essential groceries. I would like to see the Community Food Box continue indefinitely.

Kathy D. CFB Client

I so look forward to the Community Food Box. I am 93 years old and I live on my own and have not been off my property for groceries since February. The Community Food Box is my main means of getting the essentials I need. My children live a couple hours away so it also gives them peace of mind that I have groceries. I get a lot of the staples I need and love such as yogurt, milk and juice and nothing ever goes to waste.