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Leave us your Feedback

Leave us your Feedback

We’d love to hear from you!

A note pinned to a cork board that reads "Your feedback matters!:

Every client and/or their care partner of Community Care Durham (CCD) has the right to register a compliment and/or complaint, in person, over the phone, in writing (hard copy or email) or through our Feedback form. CCD believes that feedback, both positive and negative, is an opportunity for the organization to learn, grow and continuously improve in the delivery of services to their clients and their caregivers.

CCD welcomes this feedback and commits to doing its best to resolve concerns in an expeditious manner that is respectful, compassionate, and considerate of the needs of the person providing the feedback, within the limits of its resources.

All compliments and complaints are monitored through CCD’s Incident Management System. Appropriate follow-up for feedback is completed by program supervisors, managers, members of the Quality & Standards team, and through the Senior Management Team. Complaints that are categorized as severe and/or client harm has occurred will be escalated to the appropriate member of the Senior Management Team and/or Board of Directors.

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