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Community Care Resource Nurse

Community Care Resource Nurse

The Community Care Resource Nurse is a registered practical nurse (RPN) employed by Community Care Durham. The nurse will provide nursing services in clients’ homes that aim to prevent hospitalizations/emergency department visits while providing fast and efficient care to clients, preventing the exacerbation of chronic and/or new health conditions.

What is the Purpose?

Community Care Durham will be providing nursing care to CCD clients within CCD service areas to those who request and/or require this service.
The goals of the CCRN are to further enhance the mission at CCD of supporting people and strengthening community through enhancing client quality of life and championing healthy communities.

Please note:

The CCRN DOES NOT provide emergency care services. If you or a loved one is experiencing an acute medical emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency department.

Smiling homecare provider sitting next to happy elderly woman

What does the Community Care Resource Nurse do?

The CCRN will work with the interprofessional healthcare team (CCD care coordinators, supervisors, home and community care, family physicians, the client, and their families) to ensure clients’ are receiving evidence-based holistic care.

These services may include:

1. Health education/teaching

  • About current medications being taken
  • Health conditions
  • Falls prevention
  • Wound care
  • Nutrition
  • Medical equipment (home oxygen, catheter care, walker/canes, etc.)
  • Answering/ Responding to care-partner’s question(s)

2. Physical and mental health assessments
(in-person and virtual)

3. Assist with COVID-19 rapid antigen testing or assisting clients to book a PCR test

4. Healthcare navigation and collaboration assist clients in accessing resources such as:

  • Family MD visits
  • Blood work requisitions
  • Physiotherapy
  • Home and community Care

5. Post-hospitalization/EMS calls/ED visits assessments to ensure clients are safe in their homes after being discharged from hospital (ED visit or admission)

To book an appointment with a Central Intake Coordinator to request this service, please contact us: