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Meals on Wheels client nourished by food and company CCD provides

Meals on Wheels client nourished by food and company CCD provides

Mary June Smith is no stranger to Community Care Durham’s Meals on Wheels program. The Port Perry resident has been receiving meals for about seven years.

Three times a week, dedicated volunteers drop off delicious meals, providing Mary June with a much-needed respite from the daily grind of preparing her own food.

“It’s a burden having to make meals all the time,” she said. “It helps out to have these done for me.”

Another added benefit to receiving Meals on Wheels is the volunteers who visit Mary June when they drop off her food. Mary June’s husband passed away in June, so she appreciates the company. She said she’s still dealing with her grief so talking about it helps.

“It’s nice talking to somebody who understands your hurt,” she said.

But Mary June is not alone in benefiting from this incredible program. Many of her neighbors also eagerly anticipate the arrival of Meals on Wheels, cherishing not just the nutritious meals but the genuine connections formed with each visit.

“The volunteers are always so nice. They’re different each time so you meet somebody new each visit,” she said.

Now, you have the power to make a difference in Mary June’s life and the lives of others through Community Care Durham’s Season of Giving Campaign. By contributing to this vital campaign, you’re not only providing essential nourishment but also supporting the social well-being of individuals like Mary June.

Your generous contributions play a pivotal role in fostering community connections that enrich the lives of our clients, wherever they may call home. Together, let’s make this Season of Giving a beacon of hope for Mary June and countless others in need. Visit