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Embrace the Season of Giving with Community Care Durham

Embrace the Season of Giving with Community Care Durham

Community Care Durham believes in supporting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our clients through all our programs and services. It’s how we accomplish our mission of Supporting People, Strengthening Community.

Oftentimes it’s the simple power of connection that helps support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of clients.

Take Gerry Duffy for example. After his wife died, he found himself alone and loneliness set in. His daughter-in-law discovered CCD’s Adult Day Program and thought it would be good for him. She was right.

“It was something to get me out of the house because I live alone,” Gerry said.

Over a year has passed since Gerry first walked through ADP’s doors, and in that time, CCD has helped him out immensely. Two days a week, he immerses himself in vibrant activities, while the other two days bring the comfort of a helping hand from a dedicated Personal Support Worker.

“Quite frankly it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” he said.

Gerry loves how CCD’s staff get everybody involved in whatever activity is going on. He quite enjoys the This Day in History activity that the group does in the mornings.

“It’s quite a learning experience because some of the things you never think of,” he said.

It also keeps the mind active. “It keeps the old brain working,” Gerry said.

Friends are also important, and Gerry’s made quite a few in the short time he’s been with the program. Sometimes during activities, Gerry wanders off to the TV room and he gets teased for doing so. It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy the activities, he does. It’s the comfy chairs that he loves in the TV room!

“Aren’t these wonderful? I just love them,” he chuckled.

Gerry cannot say enough about the staff. They are the best.

“Putting aside all the great things they do in the programs; the staff are wonderful. It just amazes me how good they are,” he said.

CCD’s Season of Giving Campaign is an opportunity to extend this lifeline to more individuals like Gerry. Your generous contributions play a crucial role in creating a web of connection, support, and compassion that enriches lives wherever they may call home.

Gerry’s story is one of many, each a testament to the impact of your support. Join us in making a difference today.

Donate online by visiting or call 1-888-255-6680, ext. 264.

Together, let’s weave a tapestry of care that brightens the lives of those in need.