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Adult Day Program making connections, friendships for clients

Adult Day Program making connections, friendships for clients

At Community Care Durham, we believe in the incredible strength of connections and their ability to transform lives. It’s what draws people to our programs, helping their physical, social, and mental needs.

Our Season of Giving campaign supports our programs and the clients they help including Alan, a spirited 80-year-old whose days, once dictated by the hustle and bustle of a sales career with General Foods, have now taken on a more leisurely rhythm.

“I can wake up when I want, get dressed when I want, eat breakfast when I want,” he shared, reflecting on the pleasant change in pace.

About three years ago, Alan found himself yearning for something new.

“I was getting bored at home,” he admitted.

That’s when his wife suggested he try Community Care Durham’s Adult Day Program (ADP). Alan, open to new experiences, took the leap.

“I gave it shot and it’s been great,” he said.

Alan is a social person by nature. It’s one of the reasons he was good in sales before he retired. It’s also a reason why he enjoys ADP so much. There’s so much to do and so many connections he makes every day he participates.

“The people here are amazing,” he said. “Everybody I’ve spoken to likes it (ADP).”

Alan has made several friends over the years and said he loves the different activities that the friendly staff organize for clients. When he sees someone new, he tries to make them feel comfortable.

“Most people, by their third visit feel comfortable,” he said. “It’s whatever you make of it.”

Alan said he usually comes to ADP once a week, sometimes twice depending on his schedule. He said he would come more often but he’s kept busy at home.

“I’ve got chores at home you know,” he laughed. “I’ve got life.”

As we embark on CCD’s Season of Giving Campaign, we invite you to join us in supporting individuals like Alan. Your donations serve as the threads that fortify the connections within our community, fostering a network of support and compassion that enhances the quality of life for those wherever they call home. Join us in making a difference today. Visit

You can also make a difference by calling 1-888-255-6680, ext. 264 to donate. Together, let’s create a more connected, supportive, and compassionate community.