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A Life of Harmony: Betty’s Journey with Community Care Durham

A Life of Harmony: Betty’s Journey with Community Care Durham

“I Get By With a Little Help” is a classic Beatles tune but for Community Care Durham (CCD) client Betty Lobb it’s how she lives her life.

Betty proudly lives in the same home (a bungalow) she and her late husband built in 1954. That was also the year they were married.

“I’m lucky to have my own house,” she said. “I have lots of great memories.”

Helping her maintain her independence, is a Personal Support Worker who visits several times a week. She does Betty’s grocery shopping and other things around the house. She also helps Betty with her showers.

“I don’t ever shower alone. When you’re older you have to make adjustments to be more careful,” Betty said, showcasing the resilience and adaptability that define her spirit.

Betty’s three children, scattered across different professions and cities, discovered CCD for her several years ago. With gratitude, she acknowledges, “I’m really well looked after. I couldn’t be here in my home if it wasn’t for all the help I get.” The pharmacy delivers her medications to her door, ensuring her well-being is a top priority.

Once a week on Fridays Betty attends our Adult Day Program in Clarington. She also attends tap dancing classes at the Bowmanville Older Adults Association. Dancing is something Betty’s done for most of her life.

“My legs are pretty strong,” she said.

Betty’s health is robust, but she acknowledges the occasional challenge. Despite two falls in recent years, she finds solace in the safety net woven by CCD. She rides her stationary bike at home, reinforcing her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

At the Adult Day Program, Betty revels in the camaraderie of friends made over the years, often jesting with her kids about the number of men in the program.

“They say I’m going there to see all my boyfriends,” she laughs, proving that laughter truly is the best medicine.

Betty said among her family, friends and services she receives from CCD, she’s well looked after.

As the song goes, “She gets by with a little help from her friends.”

CCD’s Season of Giving Campaign supports the programs that help Betty continue to live a full life at home. Join us in making a difference today. Visit