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Renovation Plans

Renovation Plans

Health &
Wellness Hub

Campaign Goal



We purchased 20 Sunray Street in January 2022, after undertaking an extensive business case to determine if purchasing the building made financial sense, aligned with our strategic directions, could suit our functional needs, and was better than other alternatives.

Included in this analysis was the hiring of a design firm, K2 designworks, who worked with our staff to turn our integrated and holistic ideas into a functional space.

Exterior rendering of the updated Health and Wellness Community Hub entrance. Rendering done by k2 designworks.

Health & Wellness Hub exterior – Rendering by k2 designworks

The design becomes complimentary to the overall experience and functionality of the space. The experience is at the forefront and the physical design of the space should compliment this. The concept extends beyond the physical, it is about bringing the center to life through the warmth of the staff, it is about the possibilities of what could be, and it is a place of pride for CCD’s volunteers, employees and its clients.

simple graphic showing 3 leafs floating above an open hand
simple graphic showing 3 trees
Simple graphic of a sun with rays all around


A place to age with dignity.

Research suggests that the presence of even small components of nature can contribute to a positive therapeutic experience by incorporating green spaces, access to serene landscape, and soft natural lighting. We want to design an intimate space to help create a sense of agency (assistance) within the space.


Connectivity opens a new range of possibilities by connecting people, culture and experiences.

All spaces within CCD are arranged to purposefully connect to the community hub the heart of the care center.

Incorporating groupings of informal seating areas where occupants can meet and chat, using materials to help visually connect spaces and include  personalized elements to unite participants with their family members and familiar surroundings.


An opportunity to build a community by creating a welcoming and accessible atmosphere.

A space for participants to feel comfortable and safe by catering to their specific needs using durable and easily maintained materials, organic and fluid  shapes, soft and adjustable lighting and specific colour palates like natural woods and warm cool tones to boost mental health and well-being.

Floor Plan

The new amenities
will include:
  • Added Vestibules to protect against harsh weather
  • 2 Ergonomic Foot Clinics
  • 1 Hair Salon
  • 1 Flexible Community Kitchen
  • Additional seating for networking, interacting and private conversations
  • Enlarged Meals on Wheels dedicated area with proper storage and functionality
  • Upgraded Laundry Facility with Lockers
  • 2 Universal/2 Accessible Washrooms
  • Use of Large Garage Door for Meal delivery
  • New Client Greeting/Reception Desk
  • Enlarged Flexible Cope Meeting Room
  • Area for Staff

Community Hub Renderings

Adult Day Program Entrance Rendering – Rendering by K2 Designworks

Reception Area – Rendering by K2 Designworks

Community Kitchen – Rendering by K2 Designworks

Adult Day Program Kitchen – Rendering by K2 Designworks