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PSW support provides comfort, companionship for CCD client and caregiver

PSW support provides comfort, companionship for CCD client and caregiver

Through Marcy Marchuk’s career at Community Care Durham, she’s stayed true to the organization’s vision of enabling people to maximize their independence and thrive wherever they live.

That’s why, three years ago, when her 91-year-old mother Helen needed more assistance, Marcy knew where to go for help – CCD.

“Although I work full time for Community Care, I am also a full-time caregiver,” she said.

Marcy never gave any thought of moving her mother into a retirement home. It was a natural fit for Helen to move in with her daughter. The two are close. Marcy is an only child, and her father died several years ago.

“I’m fortunate to co-habitate with my elderly mom,” Marcy said.

Her reasoning for seeking help from a PSW was simple – her mother was lonely, and Marcy needed someone to keep her mother company so she could focus on work. She found the perfect PSW in Sarah Toye who comes in to help on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

“It’s a huge help and Sarah’s amazing,” Marcy said.

Despite her age, Helen will be 94 on June 2, she doesn’t need a PSW for any hands-on support. Helen is still very functional and can look after most of her own needs when it comes to personal care or feeding herself. It’s primarily companionship she requires most.

“They play cards. She does a lot of exercises with my mom; they go for walks in the nice weather, and she also plays memory games with her,” Marcy said. “It’s just having a friendly visitor who is a PSW who comes and helps me.”

Marcy said it gives her peace of mind knowing her mother is being well looked after while she is at work.

“It’s such a relief for me to know that I can be upstairs here working away and knowing that when Sarah is here that my Mom’s in really good hands. I don’t give a second thought because I know Sarah is taking really good care of my mom,” she said.

Helen really enjoys Sarah’s company as well and looks forward to her visits.

“They get along so well. Sarah is so kind and sweet. It’s a really good match,” Marcy said.

Marcy said as her mother ages she may need additional support from Sarah and have her come in more than three days a week. If that ever happens though, she knows she’d better request Sarah’s help early.

“I would love to have Sarah four days a week as Mom gets older but I don’t know, Sarah’s in high demand!” she said.