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Holiday Community Food Box donation brings client to tears

Holiday Community Food Box donation brings client to tears

Preparing for the Holiday Community Food Box rush has kept Community Food Box Service Coordinator Sara Menard and Program Assistant Kanako Crawley extremely busy the past month.

They’re prepping to send out 157 food boxes next week, a record in the three years the program has run the Holiday food boxes. The boxes will go out over two days, Thursday, Dec. 15 and Friday, Dec. 16.

One of those boxes holds special significance for members of our Community Care Durham finance team. They donated a box and Sara knew a long-time client who could really use the help. The client was recently diagnosed with cancer in June. Adding to the poor woman’s struggles was the sudden death of her husband at the end of August. If things couldn’t get any worse, she was rushed by ambulance to Lakeridge Health Bowmanville later with severe chest pains. She was diagnosed with a heart condition.

“Offering this to her at no charge brought joy to her life and she cried to me on the phone because she was so grateful for all the services that we provide to her,” Sara said.

“The finance team, their donation was really, really nice. That was awesome,” she continued.

This food box donation isn’t the first time CCD teams have stepped up to help. Earlier in the pandemic numerous food boxes were donated by different staff members.

“CCD is lucky to have the team we have, and it is moments like this that remind us of what is important in this life – the little things really matter!” Jennifer Rusaw, Vice President, Client Services said.

Items in this year’s Holiday Community Food Box include 1 fresh loaf of bread, 1 package of cinnamon buns, 1 package of gingerbread cookies, 1 package of assorted muffins, 1 frozen turkey dinner (from CCD’s frozen Meals on Wheels program), 1 carton of eggnog, an assortment of produce, candy canes and chocolates.

“We’ve included some baked goods in the box because I thought it was a nice treat,” Sara said.

Up next for Sara and Kanako is organizing volunteers to deliver the food boxes next week. General Motors’ dealer, Williamson Uxbridge, is providing delivery help to 25 clients in our North Hub service area. Invitations have also gone out to our local politicians who will be helping distribute the boxes. Members of our Board of Directors and Senior Management Team will also be helping.

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