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Individual Donor Stories

Individual Donor Stories

Donor likes how he and his donations are treated at CCD

Leonard Jones (not his real name) knows of the excellent work not-for-profits do, which is why his family directs its donation dollars to them. Community Care Durham is one of their preferred organizations.

He doesn’t like it when he receives requests for donations from organizations that include little trinkets in the envelopes. These tiny gifts provide no value and get thrown in the trash. He’s also not a fan of organizations that are bureaucratic heavy because he prefers his donations be directed to the people they’re meant for.

“That’s money that isn’t being spent properly,” he said.

Leonard does his research before giving any organization money. What he discovered about CCD was a willingness to listen and improve. When he reached out about some inefficiencies, he was impressed that management took his concerns seriously.

“I saw improvements in how they rolled out their services,” he said.

Leonard’s 95-year-old mother uses CCD’s ADP and Respite services, and it’s the people who make all the difference, he said.

“It’s the staff who make it easier for us to donate,” he said.

Over the years, his mother has made many friends, which is good for her mental health. It’s also nice to get feedback from staff, letting them know how her day has been.

“The feedback is good, and I know she’s well cared for,” he said.