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Accreditation is a process where FOCUS Accreditation, a health care accreditation body, visits CCD and assesses our quality and safety standards. FOCUS wants to ensure that we have the procedures and policies to support quality, safety and best practices.

The overall goal of Accreditation is to ensure that CCD will meet or exceed standards to improve the quality of client care and satisfaction. As a community, CCD already does an exceptional job at taking care of our clients, Accreditation acknowledges our strengths. This process will also find and address gaps within current practices at CCD so that exceptionalism can be our standard in all areas.

In order for Accreditation to be integrated into our everyday language, it will require everyone at CCD to be on board and ready to learn! The upcoming months will be exciting with some planned events that will boost your knowledge (and maybe even a couple of giveaways during games, quizzes, and/or surveys!)

As a starting point, click below to download the poster highlighting the 13 domains that we will “FOCUS” on over the upcoming months.

Please print and post in your office to become comfortable with the Domains. All of the domains listed, hold standards that you will become more familiar with as we highlight a selected domain each month.

Download 13 Domains Poster

Important Milestones:

  • Highlighting each of the 13 domains and their standards over the next few months
  • Posting of CCD policies and procedures so we can all become familiar with these in practice
  • CCD Peer tracers validating how CCD uses the policies and procedures on a daily basis (Stay tuned for more info on this!)
Winter 2021:
  • Submitting supporting documentation and evidence to FOCUS Accreditation of how CCD meets each domain
Summer 2022:
  • Hosting FOCUS Accreditation validation team, who will be looking at the ways CCD has put into practice our various policies and procedures to meet the standards