Community Care Durham
Meals on Wheels - Clarington Ontario
On-line ordering of Frozen Meals
The Meals on wheels service provides delivery of nutritious frozen meals. The service features a variety of high quality nutritionally balanced, dual oven/microwaveable entrees, soups, and desserts. Menu selections are suitable for salt free, low fat and diabetic diet. This service includes delivery to your home at no charge at a pre-arranged time through our volunteer services. Once your order has been processed an email will be sent to the email address provided with the exact amount of your order and the delivery date.
To be eligible for this service you must be a client of Community Care Durham and meet the following eligibility criteria:
Be 16 years of age or over
Be a resident of Durham Region
Have needs related to aging and/or physical health and have difficulty preparing your own meals
Payment options available:
Visa or Mastercard (The local service office will contact you and you will be required to give your
Credit Card information over the phone)
Cash or Cheque made payable to Community Care Durham on delivery.
Available Packages from Apetito & Entree Plus:
Package of:

7 Entrees
$38.00 ea
Package of:

5 Entrees & 5 Sides
$38.00 ea
Package of:

7 Entrees & 5 Sides
$45.00 ea
Package of:

5 Entrees & 10 Sides
$45.00 ea
FAQ about Online Ordering
We thank you for your interest in on-line ordering.

Q - Do I need to be a registered client of Community Care Durham to receive meals?
A - Yes, if you are not already a client of Community Care Durham, you may submit your order online - Please note however that we cannot process the order until we have determined that you are eligible for this service and have arranged for a home visit.

Q - To become a client of CCD what personal information do you require?
A - We require your date of birth for statistical purposes, emergency contact and your health status.

Q - Is there a charge for delivery?
A - No, Volunteers who have been screened and oriented to the program deliver meals at no charge.

Q - Why do you have two food suppliers?
A - In order to offer our clients a wider array of choices, we have chosen to use two food suppliers. Only one delivers each week, so when ordering please refer to the Delivery Schedule in order to make your choices from the correct menu