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Make A Gift For The Future
Every year we receive bequest gifts from individuals in the community as well as from the wills and estates of deceased friends. These generous gifts make a tremendous difference and we count on such gifts as we move into the future.

Why Consider Making a Gift for the Future?
Providing a gift for the future to a charitable organization like Community Care Durham (CCD) provides potential benefits and opportunities for you the donor, while directly supporting CCD's services. If you are considering an organized and long-term approach to giving, your gift can be designed to benefit CCD, while maximizing the estate and tax planning benefits to you, the donor, such as: tax deductions, capital gains/estate tax reductions.

The most common way to make a gift for the future is in the form of a Bequest, which is an estate gift made through a will. While making plans for provisions for your family, you may also consider designating Community Care Durham as a beneficiary with a specific amount or a percentage from your estate.

Once you have decided on Community Care Durham as a beneficiary, your bequest can be made as an unrestricted or designated gift. An unrestricted gift permits CCD to use your bequest where it is most needed  and a designated gift allows a gift to be earmarked for a specific local community.

Making a gift for the future to Community Care Durham allows us to continue to meet the growing needs of the communities in which we serve while providing you with tax benefits and the thought of knowing that your planned gift will make a significant difference in many lives well into the future.

Other gifts could include estate planning annuities and insurance policies which also offer tax advantages. As you think through your estate giving plans, you may want to speak with a member of our Finance Department at 905-985-0150, extension 235. They can explain and assist you with the giving options available to you and it will help us with our long-range planning efforts. It also allows us the opportunity to thank and honour you in advance.

When making a decision to give a future gift to a charitable organization, we strongly encourage you to consult with a lawyer and an accountant. Your contribution can leave a legacy of support to Community Care Durham to meet the growing needs of the community for years to come.

Thank you for supporting Community Care Durham.  Your donation is greatly appreciated!

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